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Don't worry Sir Paul, we've got a T-shirt for you

18th December, 2013

Sir Paul McCartney was caught on camera at a basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philidelphia 76ers earlier this week and it seems that he's more of a fan of T-shirts than basketball.

Paul McCartney's eyes lit up when he saw a T-shirt flying towards him during the half-time show but his excitement quickly turned to dissapointment when somebody in row in-front of him caught it before Paul could. It was clear from Paul's reaction that he wanted the T-shirt.

We felt so sorry for Paul after seeing him lose the chance of catching a free T-shirt, we thought we'd send him a T-shirt from our Fab4Store.

2013 has been a brilliant year for Paul McCartney, releasing his critically acclaimed album New and also performing a 32 dates on his Out There! Tour.

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