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The Beatles to release 37 previously unreleased recordings on a new album in November

16th September, 2013

With the Beatles Story's visitor numbers increasing year on year, The Beatles are bigger than ever and news released by Apple early last week shows that the bands are not only still popular but still alive.

Apple are releasing a sequel to the 1994 album ‘The Beatles: Live at the BBC’. The sequel is entitled ‘The Beatles: On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2’. The album features 40 tracks recorded by The Beatles during 1963 and 1964 including 37 previously unreleased tracks.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon performing in 1963

The original The Beatles: Live at the BBC, which album topped the charts when it was released in 1994, will also be digitally remastered, repackaged and rereleased on the same date. 

Paul McCartney has commented on the project saying “There’s a lot of energy and spirit. We are going for it, not holding back at all, trying to put in the best performance of our lifetimes.”

The Beatles: Live at the BBC and The Beatles: On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2 will be available to buy in our Fab 4 Store on 11th November.