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A very familiar Rolls Royce parks up outside of The Beatles Story

14th August, 2013

This morning (14th August) a familiar ‘Phantom V Rolls Royce’ pulled up outside of The Beatles Story and to onlookers it looked very much like John Lennon’s car that he owned during his time in The Beatles but unfortunately it was not, it was just a replica.

John Lennon bought his Phantom V Rolls Royce in 1965 in factory finished white but John wanted to make it one of a kind so he paid £1,000 for the ‘psychedelic’ custom paint job, he asked for it in the style of a “roman gypsy wagon”.

The car is a replica of John’s custom car and it’s owned by John Warrick who bought it to set up ‘Rock ‘n’ Rolls Tours: Luxury Beatles Tours’.

John Warrick said “I own a Beatles themed café on Penny Lane named ‘Café 23’ and since we’ve opened that, we’ve always thought about starting a ‘luxury Beatles tour’. My friend suggested I should do it “John Lennon’s car” and took it took 10 months from buying the car for it to get ready for tours.”

If you want to find out more about 'Rock 'n' Rolls Tours' visit their website or follow them on Twitter.