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A herd of elephants travel to The Beatles Story to say "Happy Birthday" to Sir Paul McCartney

13th June, 2013

In celebration of Paul McCartney's birthday, which falls on the 18th of June, the guys at Knowsley Safari have brought a group of life size model elephants to The Beatles Story.

What's the connection between elephants and Paul McCartney though?

Well, in August 2012, Paul McCartney launched a international campaign to free 'Sunder' the elephant. Images of Sunder were released by supporters of campaign group 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals'. Paul McCartney instantly picked up his pen and wrote a letter to Indian officials, Paul said:

"I have seen photographs of young Sunder, the elephant kept alone in a shed at Jyotiba Temple and put in chains with spikes."

"I appeal to you to do what is right here and get Sunder post-haste to rehabilitation in the Forest."

"Years of his life have been ruined by keeping him and abusing him in this way and enough is enough."

"I most respectfully call on you to use your authority to get Sunder out, placed in your protective custody and eventually integrated into a herd in the forest."

After Sir Paul's appeal Indian officials, media and the public all picked up the case and over 13,000 Indian citizens signed the petition to free Sunder and later that same month, Sunder was freed from his captivity and  was released to a sanctuary near Bangalore where he will be rehabilitated and live free.

If you visit The Beatles Story this week, the life size elephants will be accompanied by a Knowsely Safari Park representative that will be happy to tell you more about the elephants and Paul's story with Sunder.