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Fans of The Beatles Story tell us why they love The Beatles

15th May, 2013

On the Friday 10th of May we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Paul McCartney's surprise gig to 400 fans inside Rome's Colosseum at The Beatles Story by holding a 'surprise day' on our Facebook page.

Surprise day was a huge hit with our 97,000 Facebook fans; we had thousands of interactions with our questions, posts and our competition. For our ‘20 shirt giveaway’ we asked our fans the question “Why do you love The Beatles?” and over 400 people answered the question. Every single person who answered had their own unique reason for loving The Beatles but we had the hard job of picking 20 people’s reasons for loving The Beatles.

These are the 20 posts that we chose after reading each entry; they were chosen for their originality.

Mary Carmen Lozano “I'm only 20 years old and I knew the Beatles when I was little because of my dad. Thanks to him, I became a great fan. Unfortunately, my dad is no longer around but when I listen to The Beatles, I feel as if he was still here with me.”

Diana Clasen “They are the soundtrack of my life.”

Chad Wright “The Beatles' music reminds me of the many times my mother would have the radio on. They remind me of my younger and easier days.”

Magdalena Castro “Because all I need is love and their music is love!”

Teresa Ellhotka “Because their songs never get old”

Thierry Marois “Because The Beatles are life, each moment has it’s song and each song has a time in life.

Karen Ogg “I love The Beatles because they are all about peace, love, understanding and tolerance, a philosophy and message which is still as relevant today.”

Joe Callahan “They were an inspiration for a cultural change.”

Dolores Gonzalez “They were my first love. I was 8 and heard Twist and Shout and I loved them! I'm 58 now, they change the world and I cried when they separated!”

Matt Reeve “It's hard to imagine any bands that are coming through nowadays having half the longevity of The Beatles. They were the catalyst for a lot of new ideology of many things in the sixties. My admiration for the talent they had will never fade and that's why I love them so much.”

Howard Birnbaum “There were no better song writers then Lennon and McCartney.”

Maureen Murphy Giorgio “There was something for everyone, no matter your age.”

Michael Prizeman “The Beatles inspired me to learn the guitar.”

Les Richards “They simply, were, are and always will be the greatest band in the world. Their legacy will last for all future generations!”

Joyce Davis “I grew up on their music and it’s timeless. I'll never forget their debut on the Ed Sullivan show!”

Jane Orford “They brought Liverpool to life and their legacy is at the heart of this great city.”

Trevor Evans “They have been and still are the biggest influence in my life.”

Mark Fields “They changed my outlook on life, they also influenced my musical style.”

Marc Lancaster “Now I’m older, I’m always astounded at how young The Beatles were when producing such a high standard of work.”

Nilson Silva “Desde criança eu já gostava e curtia The Beatles.” which translates to "As a kid I liked and enjoyed The Beatles and nothing has changed."

Congratulations to all of the lucky winners.

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